CV of Norbert Hegyvári


Education, degrees, positions


1980  Master's degree in mathematics and physics at - Eötvös University


1984  Doctor's degree in mathematics at - Eötvös University

1985-  Faculty at the Mathematics Department of - Eötvös University

Teacher Training College

1993  Candidate's degree of mathematical sciences in number theory

(given by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

1995  Full professor position at the Mathematics Department of

Eötvös University Teacher Training College, Institute of Mathematics


Invitation, Short Visits, Guest researcher positions


1991-92 Mathematical Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

1993,94 Spring  Metropolitan University of Manchester, England (Tempus


1993,94 Spring University of Augsburg, Germany (Tempus Grant)

1993,95 Autumn University of Luminy, Marseille, France

1995, January University of Cambridge, England (EC Grant)

1998, April DIMACS, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA

2000, November Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) Paris,


2002 Spring Marseille, Lyon, France

2005 January St-Etienne, France

2005, September Luminy

2006, April Paris, France

2006, September St-Etienne, France

2006, September Paris, France, a lecture at Seminaire de Combinatoire

A. et G. Universite Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6)

2007 September, Luminy, St-Etienne, France

2008, January Barcelona, Seminar at DocCourse CRM, Spain

2008 May-June Luminy, St-Etienne, Paris France

2009 June Madrid, Spain

2010, May-June St-Etienne, France

2011, November E. Schrödinger Institute, Vienna, (Austria)

2012, May-June St-Etienne, France



Conferences, Talks (a selection)



1981 Colloquium on Number Theory, Budapest

1984 ICM83, Warsaw, Poland

1986 Colloquium on Number Theory, Budapest

1988 ICME6, Budapest (member of the Organizing Committee)

1991 Colloquium on Number Theory, Graz, Austria

1992  Colloquium on Number Theory, CIRM, Marseille, France

1993  Colloquium on Number Theory, Lillafüred, Hungary

(secretary of the Organizing Committee)

1993  Paul Erdős Is Eighty, Keszthely, Hungary

1994  ICM94, Zürich, Switzerland (EC Grant)

1995  Journées Arithmetiques, Barcelona, Spain (EC Grant)

1996 Workshop on Combinatorial Number Theory at DIMACS, New

Jersey, USA (Soros Grant)

1999 Workshop on Combinatorial Number Theory, Budapest

(a satellite meeting of the Erdős Conference)

2000 Colloquium on Number Theory, Debrecen, Hungary

2002 Workshop on Number Theory, St-Etienne, France

2005 "Rencontres stephanoises de Theorie des Nombres", St-Etienne,


2006 Theorie analitique des nombres (en l'honneur de J.M. Deshouillers),

at CIRM, Luminy, France

2008 DocCourse CRM, Barcelona, Spain

2010 Workshop "Number Theory and Probability" Saint-Etienne,


2010 Number Theory and Its Applications Conference, An International

Conference  Dedicated to Kálmán Győry, Attila Pethő, János

Pintz, András Sárközy, Debrecen, Hungary

2012 „Additive Combinatorics in Paris” 2012; 9th-13th July, Institut Henri Poincaré


Teaching activities



1984- Eötvös University: teaching mainly number theory, analysis, mathematical logic and combinatorics

1995-97 University of Economy: teaching calculus and linear algebra

1995- College for Business: teaching calculus, probability theory and operation research (in English)




1981- Scientific papers in international mathematical journals

1995  Problem Book of Mathematical Competitions

(Középiskolai matematikai versenyfeladatok, in Hungarian, coauthor

F. Pogáts), Nemzeti Tankönyvkiadó

2005  Business Mathematics I, (material for students of College of




Research interests



Combinatorial Number theory, Additive problems, Geometrical questions




Awards, Fellowship


1982  Erdős award for young researchers

1996 Soros Foundation Fellowship

2002 "Széchenyi István" Fellowship of Professor of University

2003 "Trefort  Ágost" Memorial Award



Miscellaneous Duties


1998- Reviewer for Mathematical Reviews

1988-90 "Arany Dániel Mathematical Competition" Organizing commitee

Curriculum Vitae